Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Knitting

This next one is the cardigan I knit up for my two year old grandson's third birthday this summer. It was supposed to be for Christmas but I expect he'll have out grown it by then. It's just a basic V neck cardigan that I've added some cables to.

I finished this pullover for myself. I call it my gold leaf sweater. This is not my design. It's from Paton's. The good news is: IT FITS!
Close up of the leaves and berries.


roseygirl said...

This is beautiful! I love it, I would wear something like this out, I would have it on all the time.

dianne said...

Love the color of the cardigan. And LOVE the pullover for yourself - color, style, everything!! Looks nice and comfy too! Enjoy

~laurie said...

wow i love that! Which booklet is it in please?
( also on van isle)

Monique said...

Very nice cardi!