Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lacy Baby Shawl

I had been working on a turquoise, lacy baby shawl as a gift for my grandson, Tyler, who is due on May 30th. The thin, cone yarn I was using had been found at a Salvation Army Store. To make the yarn thick enough I had to knit with two strands of it together. Everything was going swimmingly until I got about half way up the last side of the shetland shawl. That's when I knew for sure I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish the shawl. I frogged the entire thing and spent the next two days separating the two strands of yarn and rewinding them into balls. I paired the single strand of turquoise with a single strand of off white and started again. The shawl is turning out much nicer than the first one. The darker turquoise has been toned down to a nice light, heathery shade, much more appropriate for an infant. Another four weeks and it should be ready. I just hope Tyler appreciates the blood, sweat and tears (and swears) that have gone into it. LOL
I tried to get a picture but my scanner won't pick up the green and the shawl ends up looking like it's a grey/blue colour.