Friday, April 20, 2007

My First Ball

As per the instructions, I soaked the skein in hot water and dish detergent to set the twist. Then I rinsed the detergent out in more hot water and slung it in the washing machine to spin out the rinse water. It took forever to dry, draped over the back of my rocking chair strategically placed near the gas fireplace, but once it was I wound it into the thing of beauty you see below.

The next step is to find a pattern for something useful for myself, that only needs 100g and knit it up.


knancyknitter said...

Very pretty. How often do you make yarn, do you do bigger batches?

nittineedles said...

Unfortunately, I have an unbelievably huge stash of yarn that I'm trying to knit up. Spinning just adds to it but I do sneak the odd bag of roving out on occaision.